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Both as "Queen Christina" and myself, I wrote and contributed to several books with subjects ranging from art instruction, accessory making, music, poetry and fiction to philosophy. These included:


* "Drawing and Painting Plants", the incredibly useful botanical painting manual from A & C Black

"Making Fashion Bags And Purses"

* "Making Scarves, Ties, Collars and Belts" ( basic guides to accessory making - both of the above also published by A & C Black)

* "Fashion Design Course: Accessories" by Jane Schaffer and Sue Saunders of London College of Fashion (designer contribution - pattern cutting and consultation)

*"Designing Accessories" by John Lau of Manchester Metropolitan University - top-of-the-range undergraduate/ postgraduate guide to making accessories by respected UK Uni fashion tutor (designer contribution - interview and images)

* "Symphony in Blue" by Marta-Oliehoek-Samitowska, discussing Kate Bush's influence in contemporary music (musical artist contribution - quotes)

* "Juniper Green" cover design for Kindle publication (novelletta by author Good Friday)

*"Queen Christina Songlyrics", "Queen Christina Quotes" and "Christina Brodie Poems", all Kindle publications co-written with author Good Friday 

*"Fat and Mad", cover design for the debut novel from Costas Karayiannis 

*"A Golfin' Dolphin", colourful watercolour illustrations for the poem by Anthony Fairweather


Click on the image of each book for a description and link to buy. 


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