The "Queen Christina" project was conceived of as an art project incorporating fashion, music and artworks in a similar manner to Lady Gaga, but presented in a more "heritage" style. The QC costumes were based on fictional or historical characters, such as  Scarlett O'Hara, Louis XIV, and Zarathustra. They were complemented by the rich array of graphic artworks and artefacts (ceramics, wallpapers) as well as other visual material seen on previous pages.


*You can also view the images at www.myspace.com/queenchristinabrodie,  www.myspace.com/christinabrodieforever.

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GALLERY 2011-2013


GALLERY 2007-2010 (As Christina Brodie)

©All artwork and music by Christina Brodie 2013-2020. 

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Never The Beautiful - Drawing

Illustration for the song "Never The Beautiful" showing a variety of different standards and perceptions of beauty from all cultures!