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Welcome to the Queen Christina website, the archive of my creative work which was mostly done pre-2015.

I am a published illustrator and author, textiles and fashion designer, and musician. Trained in textile print design at Winchester School of Art, I went on to study horticulture and landscape design at Cannington College (Somerset), and became a tutor of botanical painting and illustration.


The work on this site spans approximately 15 years and shows material for projects including the 2011 Honda worldwide advertising campaign, as well as my own book Drawing and Painting Plants, and collaborations on several fashion textbooks - which I was thrilled to be a part of.

“Queen Christina” was a personal creative project of mine incorporating music, arts and fashion, compiled from 2011-2014 and drawing on historical and underground arts scenes.

You can view my more recent work at and

I currently reside in London.

Christina Crimari/ Brodie

July 2020

The "Queen Christina" motto:

























































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"Lady Gaga is merely Lady Gaga, but I am Queen Christina". 


- "Queen" Christina Brodie










The "Google Doodle" below celebrates Christina Brodie's 40th birthday. From right to left, her life's work is portrayed: singing, microscopy, TV, painting, horticulture, fashion.  


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